Creative Cake Decorating Ideas

You have a special occasion coming up and you know that a cake will be an ideal centrepiece but you need some ideas and creative input to come up with something special. You have three options:

1. You purchase a cake from the local store. Some of these can look pretty good and you know that if its coming from a well known store it should taste good. The problem with this is that its not unique and certainly not personal but its the easiest and quickest option.

2. You find a reputable cake maker. Depending on where you live there should be either a specialised baker or a cake maker who works from home who can make you a beautiful cake to your own design. They can even give you some ideas and are likely to be able to show you photographs of previous designs. The problem with this is its not going to be cheap and the more elaborate the design the more expensive. You are also unlikely to be able to get the cake quickly as most bakers and sugarcrafters are likely to have a waiting list so if you are going this route, PLAN WELL AHEAD!

3.The third option and the one with the most personal touch is to make your own cake. Now depending on your skill level, this may not be easy, but with so much cake making equipment and tools that are now available to buy you can make the job a lot easier. Below we list some cake making ideas but also have a look at some of our videos to get some more ideas and to decide on a design that you feel is within your skill level. This may not work out the cheapest of the 3 options, particularly if you have to buy a lot of the tools and equipment but do bear in mind that you will be able to use this again for future cakes and as they say “practice makes perfect”.

Here are a few more ideas for your cake design:

– Characters: There are thousands of famous film and cartoon characters that you can use for your cake decorating. This could look very professional by making and then icing a simple sponge cake and adorning the cake with a cake topper of the character which you can purchase very cheaply or even a picture of the character that can be iced on. From Looney Tunes characters to The Incredible Hulk you can see a number of options by clicking here.

– Themes: Maybe you would like to go with a Sixties theme, hobby theme or sporting activity such as baseball or fishing. There are various frosted icing sheets that you can buy or colourings that you can add to get a variety of designs for your cake.

– Cars & Aeroplanes: Boys and Men in general get pretty excited about their favourite cars and planes. Fire trucks, tractors, helicopters they all like. Again with a little thought you can easily come up with a racing car or truck design to adorn your celebration cake that the birthday boy and all his friend’s are going to love.

– Animals: You can also use an animal theme by making a standard size cake or even two cakes and then cutting them into the shape of an animal and then decorating with icing. You could also make a zoo scene or a farmyard with a number of cute animals made of icing.

– Food: Maybe you are making a cake where someone works in a restaurant or food store. An idea could be to make the cake in the shape of the food that the person supplies for example a burger bar or a deli. You could also make a replica of the shop or building they work in. This may sound pretty elaborate but with some special icing and a bit of creativity it can be done.

– Holiday Themes: If its around Easter time then a nicely decorated Easter bunny cake would look good. With a number of cake moulds that are now available you can bake a cake in the shape of a heart, ideal for valentines day or even a Four Leaf clover for a St Patricks Day celebration. A beach scene with a palm tree decorated with lettered icing is also a possibility.

– Your Own Design: With the amount of information, books, videos that are now available there should be no reason that with a little imagination you can come up with a design that you are happy with and you know that is in your capabilities. Think about combining a number of the ideas mentioned, look at all the cake toppers and characters you can buy and put them all together in one unique design and play around with the final look.

The worst scenario is you may have to start again but if you give yourself plenty of time before the actual celebration this will ease the pressure and you will find that you can relax and actually enjoy making your celebration cake and once done you can be proud of your creation and the loved one who you have made the cake for will really feel special.

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